efa efa - electronic Logbook
Logbook Program to keep track of rowing and canoeing sessions. Optimized for use in a boathouse or at home.

efaLive efaLive - Kiosk System for efa Boathouse Use
Linux-based kiosk system for a preconfigured installation of efa in a boathouse.

efaCloud efaCloud - efa in the cloud
Data stored on a server in the cloud with access from various clients (efa, web browser, smartphone)

efa - elektronisches Fahrtenbuch für Rudern und Kanu

efa - electronic Logbook
for Rowing and Canoeing
Version 2

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04/05/2024 efa Version 2.4.0
03/30/2021 efaLive Version 2.8
03/16/2021 efa in the Cloud: efaCloud in efa Version 2.3

Nutzer efa is being used by more than 500 Clubs in 13 Countries, and has been translated into 7 languages!
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