efa - electronic Logbook for Rowing and Canoeing


efa Highlights

  • Universal Logbook Software for Rowing and Canoeing
    • Keeping track of sessions
    • Manifold statistics capabilities
    • Many additional functionality for use in a boathouse
  • Ease of Use
    • Intuitive usage and easy to lears - also for Computer unexperienced club members
    • Input masks as in traditional paper logbooks
  • Flexibility in Usage and Deployment
    • Optimized for use in a boathouse and direct capture of all sessions through the club members
    • Optional data storage in the cloud
    • Retroactive capture of sessions for evaluation
    • Private use as a personal logbook
  • Manifold Statistics Capabilities
    • Mileage lists for persons and boats
    • Break down of mileage list by various criteria (name, month, membership status, ...)
    • Output of (personal) logbooks
  • Further Functionality (Selection)
    • Password-protected Administration for any number of administrators with individual permissions
    • Organization of persons, boats and destinations
    • Reservations and blocking of boats
    • Assignment of boat usage permissions
    • Reporting and administration of boat damages
    • Definition of default crews and boats
    • Display of current weather conditions
    • Remote access over network or internet for administrative purposes or connection of multiple boat houses
    • Notifications by email
    • Import and export interfaces for all data
    • Backup and Restore
    • Command Line Interface for automation of tasks
  • General Aspects
    • All Operating Systems (Java-based)
    • Free Software (Open Source)
    • Free of charge


efa, the electronic Logbook for Rowing and Canoeing, is an open-source software to keep track of rowing boat and canoe sessions and provides various statistic functions to evaluate the recorded data. Since its very first release in 2001, efa has established itself as the de facto standard for rowing logbook software in German-speaking countries, being used by more than 500 clubs. Started as a small tool, efa over time became a comprehensive logbook program to keep track of boat usage, damages, usage permissions, and reservations, individual rowing mileages of all club members and boats and a lot more. Intended both for use directly in the boathouse, as well as private use at home, efa covers many different usage scenarios, is highly customizable, and -- most importantly -- very easy to use.

Recently the all new version 2.0 has been released. efa is now available in English, German, French, and Danish, with more translations being worked on, and supports both rowing and canoeing sports.

The most common deployment of efa is on a computer in the boathouse, where all members enter their sessions directly into efa whenever they go out on the water and come back in. efa has been optimized to make it extremely simple for members to select boats, enter sessions, and see up-to-date statistics on how much they have been rowing or paddling. Boats are displayed in lists, split into boats that are available, unavailable or currently on the water. For each boat, groups of persons can be defined which are allowed to use a boat. Additionally, boats can be reserved for individual persons -- either one-time for a specific date, or reoccurring for certain times and days of the week. Boat damages can be reported and will -- if the computer is connected to the internet -- be directly emailed to a responsible person. An internet connection also allows administrators to remotely login from home and administrate data in efa -- based on their assigned priviliges.

efa can be downloaded free of charge and runs under all common operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. For installation in a boathouse, also a ready-to-run CD image called efaLive can be downloaded, which includes a pre-configured Linux-based environment optimized to run efa.

efa-Boathouse - Main Window
efa-Boathouse - Main Window
efa-Boathouse - Start Session
efa-Boathouse - Start Session
Admin Mode - Main Window
Admin Mode - Main Window
Admin Mode - Edit Logbook
Admin Mode - Edit Logbook
Admin Mode - Edit Persons
Admin Mode - Edit Persons
Statistics - Mileage List
Statistics - Mileage List
efa im RC Z├╝rich
efa at RC Zürich
efa in der RG Lahnsein
efa at RG Lahnstein