efaLive - Kiosk System for efa Boathouse Use


efaLive Hightlights

  • Complete Kiosk System for efa
    • Secured Debian GNU/Linux operating system
    • Automatic start of efa
    • New: Now also for Raspberry Pi
  • Optimized for the Boathouse
    • Comfortable backup
    • Easy Administration
    • No Linux knowledge required
    • Remote access via SSH
  • LiveCD for Testing
    • no modification of the hard disc
  • Easy Installation on Hard Disk
    • Installed in a few steps
    • Little hardware requirements
  • General Aspects
    • Free software (open source)
    • Free of charge


You need a secure system, if you want to use efa on a public computer in your club. efa itself allows administration access for selected people with a special account only. But what if anybody uses the operating system on the computer to bypass theses security barriers? To be on the save side, you need a secured operating system that does not allow any unauthorized user to manipulate the system.

efaLive is a Linux-based system that brings efa to your boathouse. It is a complete Linux based operating system that starts efa after startup. Access to the operating system and other applications is always secured by authentication methods. efaLive is a so called Kiosk system where the user just can see efa and nothing of the underlying system.

efaLive can be used without Linux knowledge. You can download an ISO CD image and burn it on a CD or copy it to a USB memory stick. You can boot the Computer from this CD or the USB stick. The hard disc will not be modified. So you can test efaLive in detail with little effort. If you like efaLive and want to use it in the club, you can install it to the hard disc of the Computer.

efaLive is developed by Kay Hannay and includes efa 2.0 as well as the old efa 1.8.3. There is a detailed documentation for efaLive that explains how to run it and how to install it.

Unfortunately efaLive and its documentation is only available in German at the moment. But it will be available in English, soon. The installation should work in English already.

efa im RC Stolzenau
efa at RC Stolzenau
efa im Berliner RC
efa at Berliner RC